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Doggie Tales with Edna & Frieda

A woman and a dog with a graduation cap holding a "Therapy Dog Training" completion certificate.

Meet and Greet April 16 @ 3:45pm.

Edna and Frieda make quite a team. Frieda's Gotcha Day is May 16, 2022 and that is when, at eight weeks old, she found a loving home with Edna.  Frieda is a certified therapy dog, and Edna and Frieda go just about everywhere together. You might see them camping, hiking, at choir or out shopping.  And now, our library is privIleged to have Edna and Frieda join us for Doggie Tales,.

Doggie Tales is a fun literacy program which inspires children to practice reading by telling a story or reading aloud to Frieda. Whether a child is a pre-reader, emerging reader, or an independent reader, Doggie Tales is an engaging way for children to practice their reading skills.  

Whether a child tells Frieda a story from a picture book, practices sounding out words from a book, or is ready to read a short chapter, she never minds if a child stumbles on words. Edna and Frieda just want to help children grow into readers.

A fluffy dog, garden gnome, daffodils, and a part of a house.

Doggie Tales officially kicks off May 2024. 


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