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The Oglesby Public Library District is recognized as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with 170(b)(1)(A)(v) and as such, your donation or memorial is a tax-deductible contribution to the library.

Donations to the library support the library in its mission to serve the residents of the city of Oglesby.  Monetary donations are always welcome and important to the future of the library. Donations support programs, collections, and services to the community. In addition, giving to the library also assists with purchases necessary for ongoing building and technology needs and the replacement of worn interior furnishings.  

The library expresses its gratitude to all who have donated to the Oglesby Library in the past and who are considering donations now and into the future. The Benefactors board records donations in excess of $150. 

Ways to Give

May contain: flower, plant, rose, candle, and petal

Memorials are a wonderful way to honor family and friends.  The memorial wall plaque displays the names of those memorialized with a donation of at least $50. Memorial gifts offered with conditions are evaluated and approved by the Board of Trustees. 

May contain: pen

Monetary gifts are also greatly appreciated. Unrestricted monetary gifts help the library in meeting needs that exceed the library's financial resources. Individuals interested in making substantial monetary donations to the library may reach out to the library director.

May contain: page, text, book, publication, pen, accessories, and glasses

 Sponsorships of programs, events, and projects provide for opportunities beyond the library's resources. We welcome sponsorships from individuals, organizations, and businesses. To learn more, contact the library director.

May contain: book, publication, indoors, library, and shelf

Book donations are accepted. Donated books are evaluated by staff for inclusion in the library collection. Books not selected are added to the annual book sale.  Encyclopedias, medical and legal texts, water-damaged items, and video cassettes are not accepted. 

Local historical documents, books, photos, and items are appreciated. Donors are requested to speak to the library director regarding donations.

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